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To optimize the activity, «All-Ukrainian non-state pension fund’s administrator» has at its disposal a program-technological complex of industrial standard «Delta-NPF» (PTC «Delta-NPF»). This program was developed in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, was approved on the base of the account management system in the «National Savings Bank of Ukraine» (more than 80 million accounts) and works in the real terms for automation of process of administration in several pension funds for more than 4 years.

The programmatic complex of industrial standard «Delta NPF» was designed in accordance with the banking technology and ensures safety and protection of the information, has flexible opportunities for actualization in case of changes in the normative-legal base.

    It’s a single programmatic complex in Ukraine for the optimization of activity in administration of the non-state pension funds of Ukraine, which has passed the verification not only in the State Commission for Regulation of Financial Services markets, but also passed the expertise in the Institute of Cybernetics named after V. M. Glushkova, NAS of Ukraine.

Programmatic complex is focused on creating an unified information platform for planning, controlling and accounting indicators of activity of non-state pension funds (NPF) and the subjects of private pension provision, which help in realization of high-quality work of NPF’s administrators.

The advantages and distinctive features of the PTC «Delta NPF»:

1.    In the system logical objects are selected as the sets of informative databases and directories. These objects can be easily tuned in and expanded, depending on the User’s requirements, and provide flexibility to changes in the legislation.
2.    Program-technological complex has no limits on the number of automated users workplace;
3.    This system is characterized by high loading characteristics of the database, like:
•    control selection from list in total with 6026 participants was formed for 1.38 seconds., that is near 4,366 transactions / sec;
•    runtime of the test case for adding / restoring the list of participants from the reference book with 6485 names and 9866 patronymic, with the selection of 10 000 records was 221 sec., which indicates the speed of processing near 45 participants / sec;
•    Test cases showed good stats in working of the system on the 160 downloadable XML-records, which is equal to 13 transactions / sec.

4.    The system contains initial patterns of documents (pension contract, an extract from an individual pension account of the participant, an application for payment, an application for transfer), which can be reconfigured depending on the user’s needs, for each specific NPF.
5.    This program provides wide opportunities in receiving different reporting forms:
•    quarterly and annual financial accounts in accordance with the current legislation;
•    operational extracts for each operation;
•    information about arrears of the pension contracts for a specified period;
•    forms 1-DF for payment of income taxes from the amount of pension contributions for tax inspectors;
•    at the request of the user can be worked out individual reporting forms.

6.    Software package allows to enter information in two modes:

•    manual - using understandable interface;
•    automated - which allows to reduce time and the number of operators needed to enter data. To share information between institutes of the non-state pension provision was created a flexible system of data import / export.

7.    An additional module was developed, which allows to organize quick and remote connection for serving of investors and participants. Within such service business-investors are given specialized software for working with NPF «Arm-investor», which allows automatically to generate information about personalization, lists of participants and other documents, which are necessary for conducting personalized accounting. This software is successfully used in practice throughout Ukraine. Using this technology we are able to connect , for example, for 2 days up to 100 business-investors, with near 100 000 of employees working for each of them.
8.    Many built-in program functions reduce possibility of errors to a minimum level, which mostly occur owning to a «human factor», at the expense of checking the correctness of the typed information, its accordance to the law, verifying the identification code number of USREOU, settlement account, banks MFO and etc.
9.    Integrated system for accounting according to the method of the «Units pension contribution" ensures:
•    Full and equal distribution of NPS’s assets value among participants according to their contributions and time, when each of contribution was invested to the fund;
•    Understandable for investors mechanism of controlling their savings;
•    Visual way for controlling the actual efficiency of work for the Board of NPF;
10.    The programmatic complex provides protocolling of all users’ actions thanks to the database server and to the operating system (the input / output documents and all operations performed in the system are recorded).

Reliability and safety of PTC "Delta-NPF":

- the system is implemented on the principles of object-oriented methodology in the form of a classic three-tier structure: the database server, application server, client workplaces;
- meets the requirements, proposed for industrial software systems, and ensure the effective functioning of the system on the arrays of database with the number of accounts not less than 1 million;
- provides smooth and reliable functioning due to:
    Living voltage protection;
    possibility of returning to its original state during failure of an operation transaction;
    copy system up to the "hard" recorder in the form of database archives;
- ensures absolute safety and security of information thanks to:
    developed system of access, according to your level, for operators;
    using the system of password protection (the ability to create codes of sufficient length to provide the inadmissibility of being "hacked", the frequency  of changes, the rules of codes storage);
    work in the database can be only managed through the user interface;
    provided the inadmissibility of functioning for staff (personal and non-regulated) dialogue systems and there work from the database;
    full "audit" for any of the operations in the DB (reflection in a special reference book of all changes made during work session);
    relational principle of the database build;
    scripting the information from the individual components and the database as a whole.

    In case of any questions concerning the operation of PTC software «Delta NPF» as a whole or at any module, please contact us for following address :

Contact persons:
Smolnikova Tatiana Vladimirovna
tel.: +38 (044) 207-02-97

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