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The all-Ukrainian Pension Funds’ Administrator offers a convenient service for the foundation and administration of non-state pension funds, which includes not only standard functions provided by law, but also a number of additional functions, including the development of pension schemes for the contributors of the fund,  providing the software for the automation of work on contributions, awareness-raising activities for staff and management of the depositors, various information services for the contributors, participants and Board of the fund, etc.
The all-Ukrainian Pension Funds’ Administrator uses classical methods to manage the individual record accountancy of assets of the participants of non-state pension funds,  which are used in developed countries of the world, recommended by the World Bank and other international organizations, particularly,  pension unit contribution technology, that reduces the number of accounting operations and the possibility of mistakes. 
The all-Ukrainian Pension Funds’ Administrator performs services for participants and contributors of the fund in correspondence with the national regulatory system and leading international standards.

The all-Ukrainian Pension Funds’ Administrator created a powerful system of remote servicing of the participants of the fund in any part of Ukraine. For present moment there are following advantages of non-state pension provision for existing and potential participants and contributors:

•    Remote concluding of the pension contract, possibility of execution of document circulation without personal presence of the contributor at the administrator’s office;
•    Free of charge twenty-four-hour consultations for the contributors and participants;
•    The possibility to control your pension savings every day personally or by any available for the participant of the fund mean of communication;
•    The possibility to receive a pension payment at any part of Ukraine;
•    The possibility to estimate the share of every participant in pension assets of the fund at any time by using Pension unit contribution (PUC) mechanism in accounting.
For automation of the activity The all-Ukrainian Pension Funds’ Administrator has in its disposal a software complex developed using the banking technologies of preservation and securing of information. This is an exclusive software complex for automation the  administration of non-state pension funds in Ukraine, which passed through the examination not only in the State Commission on Regulating of the Markets of Financial Services, but also an appraisal at the Institute of cybernetic named after Glushkov V.M. of the NAS of Ukraine.

The all-Ukrainian Pension Funds’ Administrator is able to provide contributors, participants, founders and Boards of non-state pension funds with the following opportunities:

•    secure record keeping of pension savings of the participants,
•    daily valuation of non-state pension fund net assets value and value of a share of every participant in the fund’s net assets value (taking into account the value of the money in time),
•    opportunity for the Boards of NSPFs to see real financial condition, reliability and financial stability of NSPF, balance and effectiveness of its investment policy at any time,
•    to provide transparency and clarity of the results for the founders, Board of NSPF, fund participants when accounting, valuating of assets and making financial analysis.

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