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The main benefits for enterprises to participate in the non-state pension provision system

Additional motivation for employees

The company's authority will be able to offer the employees additional pension to the obligatory government pension, that is actually to increase the salaries of workers with savings in tax payments. This would mean that enterprise provides an employee age, gives him a confidence in the future. An employee will receive an additional pension even if he subsequently retires from the company.

Broadening of investment opportunities

The company can attract up to 5% of pension funds assets as an investment in their securities. Thereby, an enterprise can obtain investments as in general from the whole system of non-state pension provision as well as directly from the fund, contributor of which this enterprise is. In accordance with the Low of Ukraine “About non-state pension provision”, non-state pension fund can invest in stocks and bonds of enterprises up to 80% of pension assets, while not more than 5% in the securities of one issuer.   

Reducing the tax base

Funds that an enterprise transfers to the non-state pension funds in favor of employees are considered as the gross expenditures of an enterprise within the legally established percentage of the employee's salary, currently 15%. These funds are not included into payroll, and therefore there are no charges from these funds to the pension fund of Ukraine, Social Insurance Fund in case of work incapacity, to the Social Insurance Fund.

Other benefits

Along with solution of main tasks the enterprise will also obtain additional benefits by implementing the non-state pension provision:

•    Attracting and preserving high qualified staff at any department of an enterprise;
•    Encouraging the increase of the productivity of the staff;
•    Creating the positive image of an enterprise and its authority in the minds of employees, and other people (including employees of other companies in the region);
•    Preventing social conflicts at the enterprise;
•    Developing in employees a sense of social partnership and personal support from company’s management.

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