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Limited Liability Company «All-Ukrainian Pension Fund Administrator» (Ltd «VSEAPF») was registered on the 22th of January 2004. Specializes exclusively in the administration of pension funds. Unlike most companies, which combine efforts of administrator of NPF and managing the assets of NPF, LTD «VSEAPF» doesn’t have and is not planning to get a license for asset management opportunity.

Specialists from  «All-Ukrainian Pension Fund Administrator» are in key functional and leadership positions , have extensive experience in senior positions of major systemic banks in Ukraine, investment project management experience , experience of participation in projects of international organizations , including as a consultant of the World Bank project «Implementation pension reform in Ukraine», have  certificates, that confirm qualifications of experts in the administration of pension funds .

Also, experts of «All-Ukrainian Pension Fund Administrator» participated in the development of the Ukrainian Law «About Private Pension Provision», were part of the working group on the development of regulations under the State Commission for Regulation of Financial Services, participated as renders of the problem in the development of specialized software for the needs of the administration and management of individual accountings for members of private pension funds.

The founders of the «All-Ukrainian Pension Fund Administrator» a TOVARISTVO W OBMEZHENOYU V▓DPOV▓DALN▓STYU "W kompaniia UPRAVL▓NNYA ASSET" Vsesvit "CODE EDRPOU 32800074, SCHO D▓¬ od svogo ▓MEN▓ FOR rakhunok AKTIV▓V Closed-NEDIVERSIF▓KOVANOGO VENTURE PAYOVOGO ▓NVESTITS▓YNOGO FACILITY" 23 "(CODE FOR ¬DR▓S▓ 23300640).

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Code of USREOU:
The certificate of registration of financial institution: AA ╣ 2 on the 1st of September, 2005 in accordance with the decision of GKRRFU ╣334 since April 15th, 2004.
Registration number of the financial institution: 17100146.
The adjusting fund: 6 765 480 UAH.
Business license for administrating of not-state pension funds, series AB ╣ 115963 from December 18th, 2007, issued in accordance with the decision of the State Commission for Regulation of Financial Services about giving the license ╣ 151 since 11/12/2007.
Valid time license: from 13.12.2007 – unlimited
Bank details: IBAN/rahunu numberUA303226690000026506300521612 branch-General Directorate for the city of Kiev and Kiev region JSC «Oschadbank»

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